Parker Pustejovsky is the son of firefighter Joey Pustejovsky who lost his life in the West Fertilizer Plant explosion on 4/17/2013. Joey was city secretary and volunteer fireman, as well as a devoted family man and community giver. The loss of Joey and the other first responders is, no doubt, devastating. Parker’s father left behind a legacy of strong values.

In addition to the loss of lives has been the loss of homes and neighborhoods.  Joey’s childhood home, in which his parents still lived, was destroyed by the blast. His City Park was also left in shambles. Following that terrible day, the entire area (for blocks over) was left mostly uninhabited and in a state of disarray.

Joe and Carolyn Pustejovsky, with Parker Pustejovsky
Brad Pustejovsky
Dolores Pustejovsky
Pat Wright
Joey Kolar
Tim Payne
Matt Thomas
Rose Kolar
Valerie Payne

PPP Mission statement:

Parker’s Park Project was formed to coordinate and assist efforts to rebuild and maintain a park in West after the damage done to the City Park in the April 2013 fertilizer plant explosion. Our vision and mission comes from the eyes of fallen West Firefighter Joey Pustejovsky, and the heart and ambition of his son, Parker. Our goal and Parker’s wish is to help establish and maintain a playground in West – one that will provide a fun, safe and desirable place for play, parties, relaxation, and exercise. This playground within the park will be built from the heart.